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Bootstrap Designer is an online design tool, producing awesome HTML5 templates based on Bootstrap framework.
You can use the templates for your clients' projects or sell on your own website.

Use Bootstrap Designer to create various design styles: minimalist style, black & white, grunge, typographic-driven, monochromatic look, clean & creative, etc.

After finished designing, download the result as a ready HTML template (with sample content) in ZIP - ready for client demonstration!

Download Template

All custom styles are seperated from the original Bootstrap Framework and stored in a seperate CSS file, so updating Bootstrap is as easy as 1-2-3!

All the features you need.

Built to quickly generate various designs and trigger ideas.

Built for Designers

Gives you a unique interface that lets you focus on the design & creative ideas: quickly experiment with site colors & patterns, try out web typography, etc.

Trigger Ideas

Bootstrap Designer is so unique. Each dialog gives you the most important settings for you to try out variations and to trigger ideas!

Real Mockup for Clients

Create a quick mockup that is real (HTML5/CSS3). After a client agrees with the result, you just need to download the result to get a ready html template (no slicing & coding needed).

Fully Responsive

Generated templates work at its best on all web enabled devices: iPad, iPhone and most other smartphone and tablet devices.

Clean HTML5 Markup

Generates simple and readable markup. Easy to extend or modify.

Storage for Your Creative Works

Bootstrap Designer stores all of your design online, so you can easily change, add, remove and download your templates! Create as many as you like!


Bootstrap Designer is not a User Interface (UI) builder for applications, but a designer for site templates.
It helps you focus on design and the details.

You don't have to construct content from stratch. Base layout options with built-in "Lorem ipsum..", snippets & goodies are provided, arranged nicely, so you can start designing the important aspects right away (logo text, headline, slider, site colors, typographic style, etc).

Your Bootstrap site doesn't have to look like Bootstrap!

Checkout some sample designs.

Bootstrap Designer Means Business

Create multiple design templates and sell them!

Bootstrap Designer gives you rights to create multiple designs and sell them on your website as your own designs, deliver them to your clients, add in your portfolio, and for many other purposes.

A few comments from developers.

Bootstrap Designer really rocks! Creating unlimited responsive Bootstrap templates couldn't be easier and more fun. It saves me a lot of time and i can experiment as much as i want. I love the fact that all supplemental CSS is generated on top of the Bootstrap CSS, so updating to a newer version of Bootstrap is really easy.

by Marcellino Bommezijn - Senzes Media

I have never been able to show to client "Live" design due to my limitation in html and programming language. With Bootstrap Designer I am able to show the design and work closely with my client. The platform speed up the process, and delivery time. When it was finished, I can deliver not only functional design that mert my client expectation, but also fit with moblie device.

by Kiki Bimoseto

Bootstrap Designer is an awesome product for bootstrap design. It's fast and easy to use and it saves a lot of time when working on responsive layout design as it's fully responsive and works on all devices. The ability to download the result as a ready HTML template makes it easy to implement in any cms and the service is superb!                        

by Selma - Web Developer        

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